Symbolising abundance, tradition and togetherness, fruitcakes have been a longstanding cherished element of gift-giving all year round. Want to give a meaningful gift that can be coveted and shared? What better gift to give than our famous Crowe Fruitcakes? 

Like our business and our cakes, traditions evolve over the years and we now see cakes given as gifts at Christmas, birthdays, condolences and even mid-winter Christmas celebrations. Lovingly hand baked and thoughtfully packaged, these can ship all across New Zealand and will last over 6 months when stored correctly. 

Create delightful connections and leave a lasting impression of your thoughtfulness and generosity with a range of sizes to suit the recipient and the ability to personalise the packaging to your brand. 

For bulk orders over 20 cakes, small or large size there will be a discount applied.  Please enquire at  for bulk orders and if you are after end-of-year Christmas fruitcake orders as well. Early bird discounts apply.

Crowe and Co Gifts deliver luxury gifts for her to Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and NZ-wide.