Forget the cellophane wrapped baskets and mystery bottles of red wine, here at Crowe and Co our carefully curated gifts are sourced from premium New Zealand made products, combined thoughtfully to create extraordinary experiences, delivered inside a box. Regardless of whether you are sending for client or colleague, supplier or supporter, we have the perfect gift to show you care without being there.


From sleek branding to carefully considered components, Corporate Gifting has evolved from cellophane-wrapped baskets and mystery bottles of red wine to premium gifts designed to say thank you, well done and so much more. 

Not sure where to start? Many of our clients like the idea of sending gifts, but fall short when putting it into practice, but we are here to take the hassle out of Corporate Gifting and work with you to ensure the gift not only fits your brief and budget but works seamlessly with your engagement strategy.

We begin by looking at the purpose of your gifts, for some clients Corporate Gifting is all internal facing, celebrating the people within their business, giving gifts to acknowledge new staff, personal and professional milestones (think new babies, new home or employee loyalty). For others it is external, saying thank you to loyal clients, acknowledging profitable partnerships, and rewarding that big sale.

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