Crowe & Co is a family run gifting business built on a belief that giving makes you thankful. We truly believe in the power of saying thank you, it reminds us why we should say it more often.

'Thank you' can be incredibly powerful. Especially if the person you're thanking really needs to hear or receive it, or isn't expecting it.

Being appreciated is one of the things that motivates us — both at work and in life — and a little goes a long way if you can offer up a genuine thank you when it's appropriate.

Founded by Sherry’s Grandmother, Audrey Crowe, in 1972.

Aud was famously known as the Fruitcake master, baking hundreds of famous ‘Audie Fruitcakes’ for family and friends over Christmas time (and the occasional wedding or birthday cake).

Aud formed her fruitcake business realising there was demand for delicious fruitcake over Christmas time. She approached a few corporate agencies who jumped at the opportunity to gift the cakes to their clients. The orders soon grew so much so that she had to start baking in June to have enough stock come Christmas time!

After 20+ years of baking and delivering cakes, Aud decided it was time to pass on the business to her granddaughter Sherry in 2012. Carrying on the legacy, Sherry has developed the brand and broadened the offering. Positioning Crowe & Co as one of New Zealand's premiere online corporate gifting sites and fruitcake specialists.