What To Buy For Father's Day

What To Buy For Father's Day

It might be hard to believe—but Father's Day is coming up very soon, so it's definitely time you started thinking about what you plan to get for your Dad this year. Picking out the perfect gift to show your Dad how much you love and appreciate him sometimes isn't as easy as it sounds. But don't worry, this post will tell you everything you need to know about Father's Day and hopefully provide some great gift inspiration!

What Is Father's Day?

Father's Day is a traditional celebration that honours our fathers and forefathers. So whether it's your Dad, Step-Dad, Foster Dad or a special father figure who has been a father type influence in your life, Father's Day is your chance to express your love and appreciation.

In New Zealand, Father's Day is not a public holiday, but it is widely celebrated by the majority of the population. The day is usually celebrated in a manner involving giving gifts to fathers and family-based activities.

When Is Father's Day In New Zealand?

Father's Day in Australia and New Zealand is celebrated on the first Sunday in September. In 2021, Father's Day in NZ will fall on Sunday, 5th September. We know this tradition began for us way back in the mid 1960s, though it is unclear why this day was chosen.

Father's Day is celebrated on a variety of different dates around the world, including the 3rd Sunday in June in the United States, March 19th in Spain, Portugal and Italy (this is in line with in the Roman Catholic tradition it is St Joseph's Day (St Joseph is the patron saint of fathers). Father's Day is celebrated on the same day as Ascension Day in May each year in Germany.

Brief History Of Father's Day

We all have an American woman named Sonora Smart Dodd to thank for creating the modern concept of Father's Day. Disturbed by the fact that there was a prominent 'Mother's Day' but not a similar day to celebrate Fathers, Sonora was made it her mission to set up a national Father's Day back in 1909.

Sonora's father was a single Dad who raised his six children alone after the death of his wife, and it was Sonora's belief that he and other fathers should be recognised for their hard work and dedication to their children. The first official 'Father's Day was held in June on the 19th in 1910, but it wasn't until 1972 that President Richard Nixon officially recognised the day as a national holiday.

What Father's Day Is Really About?

Today's Father's Day celebrations are fairly low-key; however, retail stores do cash in on the tradition with various promotions and products specials leading up to the day. However, Father's Day is really all about your relationship with your father and how you wish to express your appreciation. This could be through a thoughtful gift, handmade card or by an act of service that you know your father will enjoy.

6 Tips On Choosing The Best Father's Day Gift For Dad

The search for the perfect Father's Day gift for Dad can be a bit challenging at times, especially when they fall into the 'hard to buy for' category (as most dads do!). So here are six tips on how to choose the best Father's Day gift in 2021.

  1. Give It Some Thought. How does your Dad spend his free time? Is he a runner? Golfer? Does he love to watch Netflix? Go fishing? Read books? Finding a gift that matches Dad's interests is a great place to start. Think accessories, aids, Apps and upgrades on equipment.
  2. Fill A Need. While it may seem like you're playing it safe – fulfilling a need can be one of the most appreciated gifts. Think about things that are going to help your Dad, whether it's with a hobby, work or everyday life.
  3. Reflect On The Past. Choose a gift that reflects the history of your relationship. This one is all about memories and shared experiences. This kind of gift shows an appreciation of your history together. Framed photographs are a great example.
  4. Give Him A Treat. Find a gift he will use and something he wants but wouldn't splurge on himself. So often Dads are busy making sure everyone else's needs are met, forgetting about their own – so go on splurge on something he really wants but won't buy for himself.
  5. Anticipate The Future. Giving gifts that anticipate the enjoyment of a future event, outing or get together are also a great idea, particularly if Dad is busy with work at the moment, unwell or otherwise occupied on the actual day. Tickets to a sporting event or show that is coming up are a great example here.
  6. Set The Budget. Showing your appreciation for your Dad doesn't have to mean money is involved. You don't have to spend a fortune; most of the time, something thoughtful and creative can be just as good or better. Set a budget and stick to it!

Top 7 Father's Day Gift Ideas

Still can't think of anything suitable? With Father's Day just a few weeks away, here are some of our top suggestions to help you find the perfect gift for your Dad.

1. Themed Gift Boxes

Whether you choose a pre-made box or build your own, themed gift boxes are a great way to personalise your Father's Day gift. Plus, they are available to order online! Choose from a range of amazing New Zealand made products for that down to earth Kiwi Dad or create a sports or hobby themed box. Or if you can't decide just stick to a pre-made luxury Father's Day gift box and keep it simple!

2. Camping Equipment

This one is a no brainer if your Dad is into the great outdoors – or if he wants to be! Spring is a great time to start thinking about camping out as the temperatures are warming up and the weather is becoming more inviting. BBQ's and cooking equipment are great, along with portable appliances, bedding and camping tables and storage. Add in the promise of a family camping trip later on, and you've got yourself the perfect gift.

3. IOU's

A heartfelt IOU is a cheap and easy way to surprise Dad. Choose something he's been putting off or needs help with or promise to help with a future project. Anything goes on this one, so think outside of the box; painting the house, cleaning the garage, digging the garden, washing the dishes, or virus checking his laptop etc.

4. Lessons Or Classes

Does your Dad love to exercise? Or maybe he just needs a little push? Signing him up for a class is a great Father's Day gift. Think about something your Dad would enjoy, like martial arts or painting, or maybe computer skills classes – the options are endless!

5. Food And Beverages

This one is a pretty safe bet for any Dad. Everyone loves luxury food and beverage items, right? This might include specialty coffee or tea, alcohol, chocolates or cheeses. Try to select things that Dad wouldn't normally buy for himself for a special treat or if he just loves his favourites, then stick with them!

6. Tech And Gadgets

One for the technology-savvy dads out there, you can't go wrong with some handy little gadget or tech-themed gift. Think Apps, novelty phone accessories, wireless headphones for his phone, Bluetooth speakers, fitness trackers and external hard drives.

7. Tools And Equipment

Pretty much the go-to gift for any Dad – power tools and equipment for all those jobs around the house and in the garage or garden are always going to be a hit. Try looking for upgrades on his current tools or seeking out something he doesn't already have but has had his eye on for a while. Electric or battery-powered tools are a great place to start.

Spoil Dad this Father's Day with a personalised gift box from Crowe & Co, the specialists in luxury gift boxes for all occasions. Happy Father's Day for 2021!

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