Best Wellness Gifts For Staff And Colleagues

Best Wellness Gifts For Staff And Colleagues

Wellbeing Gifts And Your Corporate Identity

Corporate wellness programs have been gaining traction for some time now, and companies taking a holistic approach to their corporate wellness are in high demand. Educating staff on the importance of creating healthy lifestyle habits and the benefits of sticking to wellness goals (both physical and mental) has become a priority for many businesses, as has presenting a corporate identity that cements employee health and wellness culture.

Wellness gifts are a crucial element of the corporate wellness culture. These gifts encourage, support and motivate staff to take care of themselves as well as delivering a consistent brand image. With that in mind let's take a look at what makes a wellness gift box the perfect gift.

Top 5 Benefits Of Wellbeing Gifts

Still not convinced? The list of benefits for corporate wellbeing gifts is pretty long, so we have picked out the top five just for you:

  1. Good Staff Retention. Keeping employees from moving on or being poached.
  2. Better Work-Life Management. Promoting happier, healthier and more balanced lifestyle decisions and avoiding stress and burnout.
  3. Greater Sense Of Belonging. Within the wider workplace culture and teams.
  4. Increased Productivity. Fit and healthy employees mean less time off sick and more productive work hours.
  5. Improved Sense Of Company Values. Contributing to a stronger company culture.

What Makes The Wellness Gift Box The Perfect Gift?

In the current pandemic conditions playing out in New Zealand, staying healthy and looking after yourself are the primary goals on most people's minds. Giving your employees a gift that benefits their health is the perfect way to show you are thinking of them as an individual but also value their presence within the team.

For those who have been unwell, away from work for extended periods looking after others or just in isolation, it's a good time to send some appreciation and positivity their way to aid their physical and mental recovery. Gift boxes are also a great team-building gesture for workers who have been working from home for extended periods and are only just returning to the office. Wellness gifts are all about saying; stay healthy, look after yourself and get well soon!

Choosing The Right Gift Box Contents

The best thing about wellness gifts is they are great for diving deep into the meaningful gift arena, but they also work perfectly as a tried and tested gift solution for just about anybody. It all depends on the contents and how you present them.

If it's meaningful you are after, then it's essential to know the person to some degree. Smaller businesses with a tight-knit work culture will find meaningful gifts are a little easier to assemble, but it is possible to accomplish within larger corporations too, as there are always colleagues who know each other on a more personal level.

If you know a person well, it is easy to be more creative with the content. This could include building a wellness gift box that focuses on a hobby, an interest or even their pet! For example, if the person loves their morning run, you could build a wellness box around this with some comfy running socks, a reusable eco-friendly water bottle and some relaxing bath salts. Or if the person is someone who always brightens up the office with their can-do attitude, what about a positivity box with a positive quote for the day calendar, affirmation cards, a desk plant and good-vibes healthy herbal tea.

On the other side of the coin, if the person you are giving the gift to isn't well known, wellness gifts can be easily curated for just about anyone. Take a look below for some great ideas for building the perfect wellness gift box for staff and colleagues.

What To Include In A Wellness Gift Box - 5 Types Of Gifts

Are you stuck for ideas for the perfect staff wellbeing gift? We have created five basic types of wellness gifting that might give you some much-appreciated inspiration.

1. Brain Teasers

Some people just love a challenge! Brain teasers require unconventional thinking and a curious mind. Brainteaser wellness gifts can be perfect for those hard to buy for members of the team, and best of all, it's a unique way to promote health with something that stimulates the brain!

  • Rubix cube or similar
  • IQ Puzzles
  • 3D balance puzzles
  • Quiz books (Sudoku etc)
  • Strategy games

2. Mindful Gifts

Mindfulness is all about being present in the current moment. Whether it's completing a puzzle, meditating, doing yoga, or just sitting on the bus, mindfulness promotes a sense of peace by focusing your attention or state of awareness on what is happening immediately around you.

  • Candles
  • Meditation App
  • A personal journal
  • Mini zen garden/pot plants
  • Adult mindfulness colouring book

3. Positive Thinking Gifts

A positive mindset in the workplace is a great asset to any team. People with a positive attitude add to the office culture in a good way, they are good problem solvers and generally less stressed. A gift that promotes a positive state of mind demonstrates a workplace that cares about peoples' happiness.

  • A gratitude journal
  • Photo block/display frame (digital or old school)
  • Motivational quote cards/poster
  • Book on positive thinking
  • Affirmation cards

4. Social Gifts

Social gift boxes are all about building an inclusive workplace environment. Whether it's taking a communal tea break, meeting up for lunch, or engaging in workplace social gatherings, choosing a wellness gift that compliments the company's social culture shows you're invested in keeping the team together and working well as one. 

  • Herbal tea or coffee (preferably organic)
  • Fruit, dried fruit or nuts (preferably organic)
  • A humorous mug
  • Healthy snacks
  • Calendars or planners

5. Physical Gifts

Being active has a positive impact on both physical and mental wellbeing. Setting the example by sending workout equipment or items that encourage healthy habits is a great way to inspire your team to lead a more active lifestyle.

  • Smoothie powders
  • Protein snack bars
  • Bath salts
  • Branded water bottles
  • A yoga or workout mat

Supporting The Wellbeing Of Your Staff Year Round

While treating your people to wellbeing gift boxes is a fantastic opportunity to promote health and wellness, this is just a tiny part of a successful corporate wellbeing strategy.

Company-specific strategies that support and invest in employees' mental, physical and financial wellbeing are necessary for longer-term benefits. Think about elements such as the detection of dissatisfaction and potential issues, refining the employee experience, and introducing benefits to aid in the creation of your corporate wellbeing strategy.

Some examples of other elements of corporate wellness programs include:

  • Subsidised access to meditation apps
  • On-demand workout videos,
  • On or off site yoga classes
  • Complimentary therapy sessions
  • Exercise classes
  • Professional development courses
  • Fun, inclusive office challenges such as a daily quiz

It is important to note that corporate health programs are not just limited to staff members, many companies take the opportunity to expand the initiative to clients too. It's a great way to go about reinforcing brand image and company values while showing customers you practice what you preach.

Where Can You Find Corporate Wellbeing Gifts?

Buying corporate wellbeing gifts can be a little overwhelming if you aren't skilled in this area, that's why it's best to leave it up to the professionals and get in touch with a reputable corporate gifting company. Whether you choose a pre-packaged gift from their menu or ask them to custom make a wellness gift box you will find the process goes much smoother.

Crowe and Co carefully curate their corporate gift boxes to suit your needs or choose from one of their standard gifting options. They offer a range of wellness gift boxes that cover both mental and physical health aspects.

Can't find what you are looking for? Contact Crowe and Co's professional gift boxing team, and they will source it for you!

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