Gift Boxes For Special Occasions

Gift Boxes For Special Occasions

A well thought out gift box can speak volumes no matter what the occasion. So whether you want to express your gratitude, simply give a gift to mark the occasion, thank somebody or just make someone’s day a little bit special, a well thought out gift box is a great way to go about it.

Pre-Made vs Build Your Own Gift Box

Both pre-made and build your own gift boxes have their pros and cons; the choice you make will largely depend on the amount of time you have available and the budget. For those short on time or that do not know the recipient overly well, pre-made gift boxes are a perfect choice, or if you wish to personalise the gift – building your own gift box is a great option too, as you can tailor the items to suit the receiver.

Pre Made Boxes

It’s never easy to find the perfect gift for everyone, especially if it is a work situation and don’t know the recipient well. Attempting to assemble a personalised box of goodies is often time-consuming and expensive; this is where pre-packaged gift boxes are convenient.

Pre-made gift boxes come with a selection of curated products that often suit a range of people and can be easily shared among friends and family. They are usually based on a theme; for example, a job-well-done basket with celebratory alcohol and chocolates to congratulate.

Build Your Own Gift Boxes

There are two versions of the build your own box; the first is using a gift box company that will graciously let you build a box from their available range of goodies. They will then put it all together, package it nicely, provide the card, and arrange the distribution too! This can be a great option if you wish to create more than one gift box, especially for corporate gifting. It allows some degree of personalisation without the hassle of putting it all together yourself.

The second is to source the items you wish to put in the gift box yourself, find an appropriate container and packaging suitable for the courier, and arrange delivery. This option is the most personal; however it also takes the most amount of time and can be expensive by the time you add it all up.

6 Tips For Choosing The Right Gift Box

Shopping for the right gift box can be a little overwhelming, but if you approach the process with the following tips in mind, you can’t go wrong!

1. Consider The Recipient

The key to giving a gift box is selecting just the right match for the recipient. Who is the gift for? Is it for a client, employee, manager, or work colleague? Friend, family or acquaintance? The great thing about gift boxes is that you can tailor them to suit all kinds of people.

2. What Is The Occasion?

What occasion are you celebrating/consoling? Is it a promotion, company milestone, or is somebody leaving the workplace? Is it an anniversary, wedding, birthday, new baby, or get-well-soon moment? Once you have your purpose, you can considerably narrow down the selection process when combined with your theme, making it that much less daunting.

3. Don’t Forget The Timing

Depending on the contents of your gift box, timing can be an important factor. For example, gift boxes containing fresh fruit are popular get-well-soon gifts; however they need to be shipped and stored carefully – you don’t want the fruit arriving to have gone off. And things like chocolates might not be as appealing if they are all melted when they arrive.

4. Give The Packaging Some Thought

A gift “basket” does not necessarily need to be an actual basket, and in fact, if you need to deliver these baskets in the post – it could get expensive – and messy! Compact gift boxes with lids, reusable bags, promotional container products, wooden crates, and trays are all great options – choose what works best with your contents and the delivery method. Remember, the packaging is also part of the gift it’s not an afterthought!

5. Think Of The Theme

There are so many potential items you can put in a gift basket that identifying a solid ‘theme’  will help narrow down the options, making it much easier to plan. Often the theme will reflect the occasion, but not always. If the occasion doesn’t instantly present the theme, always keep in mind who the box is for and their hobbies and interests.

Some common gift box themes are:

  • Gardening. Gardening tools, gloves, soaps, seeds, plants etc. – always a good choice for the avid gardener!
  • Health/Pampering. This one will likely be determined by the occasion – New mum? Get well soon? Death in the family? New house? Wellness gifts might include creams or lotions, face masks, fancy soaps, bath bombs, and candles are all popular choices.
  • Celebratory. Every new mum and dad appreciates a new baby gift basket, and it is a great way to give multiple items presented to suit the theme. Nappies, bath products, newborn clothing, soft toys and keepsakes are all excellent options.
  • Corporate. Whether to congratulate, thank, celebrate or farewell, desk toys, promotional products, coffee, wine, or stationery are always popular bespoke corporate gifting options.
  • Food.  A universally appreciated theme you can’t go wrong with a food gift box! Chocolate, fruit, cheese, homemade goods, or locally sourced products are always a big hit.
  • Christmas. Christmas cakes are the usual go-to for Christmas themed boxes, but you could also pop in some candy, nuts, alcohol and a bit of tinsel!
  • Beverages. Coffee, tea or hot chocolate are trendy beverage basket items due to their nearly universal appeal. Alcohol is also popular in celebratory gift boxes or in corporate situations.
  • Pets. What better way to celebrate your friend or families new pet than a furry friends pet-themed gift box? Treats, bedding and toys are all great choices for this one!

6. Decide On The Budget

Deciding a budget (and sticking to it) before beginning your search and buying a gift box serves two purposes. First, it will prevent you from overspending, and it will help narrow down the choices while browsing through the wide variety of gift boxes available.

We hope you have found this guide to gift boxes for special occasions useful, need more help deciding on the perfect gift for that special occasion? Contact the gift box specialists at Crowe & Co today!

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