10 Best Gift Ideas For Mother's Day

10 Best Gift Ideas For Mother's Day

As Mother's Day fast approaches, it's time to start thinking about how to celebrate your Mum with a special show of appreciation. Don't get caught out leaving it to the last minute and being stuck with a gift that isn't quite right. Your Mum deserves better!

How Do You Make Your Mum Feel Special This Mother's Day?

When it comes to Mother's Day, the key to a good gift is all in the amount of thought it is given. This does not mean how much you spend or how extravagant the gift is; it's all about tailoring the gift idea to the individual.

Every Mum is different, with different interests, hobbies and lifestyles. Putting some thought into your gift will mean it comes from the heart, with added meaning and sentiment – mums love that! And remember, it doesn't always have to be a physical gift, it can be the gift of love and appreciation in an intangible form.

Top 10 Thoughtful Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Not sure what to get Mum for Mother's Day or where to start? Here are our top 10 recommendations with something to suit every Mum.

1. Homemade Photo Board

If there is one thing mums love, it's reflecting on the happier times. The family get-togethers, the countless birthdays, Christmas time gatherings, and other memorable family events - what better way to do this than with a carefully curated photo board?

This can be as simple as a plain piece of board with photos attached, or you could get creative with string and pegs. You could also purchase a multi-photo frame for something a little more mainstream. Think about the frame colours and designs to make sure it fits with Mum's decor. Or, if your Mum is more of a digital fan, then there are a number of digital photo solutions available.

2. Bouquet Of Flowers Or Potted Plant

An oldie but a goodie - one of the best ways to surprise Mum is with a big bouquet of flowers. This can be something you order from the florist (be mindful of delivery delays on the day), or you could put something together from flowers in the garden yourself. This works best if you are a bit budget-conscious at present or know your Mum prefers the do-it-yourself approach.

For an even more thoughtful gift and for the mums out there who are a bit more practical, sometimes giving a potted plant can be more desirable given it continues to provide enjoyment as it grows. Potted plants can also be easily tailored to the recipient - if your Mum is into gardening, then choose something that will fit with her current garden design, or if you aren't sure, an indoor plant can be just as lovely particularly if it is a flowering plant. Or you could even go edible if that's what your Mum is in to!

3. Sweet Treats

Getting your mum her favourite dessert, a beautifully decorated cake, or some of her favourite chocolates is always appreciated no matter what kind of Mum you have. Sweet treats always make the day more special, they are easily personalised, and easy to find. You could even consider baking something yourself (but only if you feel confident with it turning out ok – don't put your Mum in the position of having to say it's lovely even if it isn't!).

Stick with the tried and true fancy chocolates if you are unsure on this one. The key is to choose something your Mum would like – don't make the mistake of choosing something you want. Always be mindful of dietary requirements; there are some excellent dairy-free, gluten-free and even sugar-free options out there if you look for them - for the perfect guilt-free Mother's Day.

4. Mothers Day Gift Box

One of the best ways to celebrate your Mum is with a thoughtful gift box. A box of goodies covers all the bases; they are easily tailored to the recipient, a fun way to brighten mums day, and you can add a selection of things instead of just choosing one. You also have the choice of pre-packaged gift boxes with various themes such as gardening, wellness, pampering, alcohol, and food.

Or, to make it that little bit more special, you could handpick the items for your gift box. If you don't have the time or the inclination to shop around for the box, items and wrap - then look for a reputable online gift box company that offers a good selection of gifts and items to suit your Mum's tastes. They will put it all together for you, package it up and even deliver it on the day.

5. Magazine Subscription

While it may seem a little old school to you, it is likely your Mum would appreciate this one as it gives the gift of 'me-time'. With a little bit of imagination - really, you are giving the gift of Mum being able to take some time out, sit down with a cup of coffee and get lost in the glossy pages of the magazine.

From these simple pages, there might come inspiration for; home decor, the next big landscaping project, interior design ideas, travel goals, fashion trends, or just to catch up with the latest gossip from the stars. Whatever magazine you choose should be in line with your Mum's hobbies and interests, obviously, but sometimes it's ok to step out of their comfort zone and get her something new and exciting to take an interest in. If your Mum is more of the digital age, think about purchasing an online subscription.

6. A Good Book

Following on from the magazine idea, if your Mum prefers something a little more substantial to read, sometimes you just can't go past a good book. In these times of restricted travel and lifestyle choices, immersing yourself in the pages of a good book can instantly transport you to different places, a different era and a variety of different circumstances providing the much-needed escapism we all crave.

Choosing something your Mum would like can sometimes be a bit tricky. If you get really stuck, try going into the local bookstore and asking the shop assistants, they can often recommend a suitable book and even let you know what is popular with your Mum's generation. Otherwise, reading some online reviews of the book can point you in the right direction. Of course, purchasing an actual book is great, but if your Mum prefers to read online, then online books are good too. There are also a great selection of audiobooks available now, which are great if your Mum has difficulty reading or concentrating for long periods.

7. Coffee/Tea/Wine Beverage Gifts

Getting your Mum a nice packet of good coffee, some beautifully packaged tea, or even an expensive bottle of wine or preferred alcohol can be a great way to say I love you while also adding that element of pampering.

The best way to handle this type of gift is a well-presented gift box. Try adding in a personalised coffee mug, fancy teacups or set of elegant wine glasses for that added touch of luxury. This doesn't mean going out and buying a packet of instant coffee from the supermarket, it's best to choose a luxury version of the beverage that your mum likes. Looking out for organic options is a great start, along with items that are beautifully packaged and sourced locally.

8. Pamper Products For Mum

Think beauty products like moisturiser, cleanser, face creams, hand creams, bath bombs, facemasks, shower gel, soaps, perfumes - anything goes on this one! For this one, it is likely you will want to put together a nice set of products, usually two as a minimum all the way up to a gift box with multiple items.

Try to follow a theme if you can - this might include pretty soaps, bath bombs and shower products plus a nice candle for a bathroom pampering session. Or a variety of face care products with a common ingredient, or you could even go deeper with a set of pamper products to suit the office mum, the gardening mum or the outdoorsy Mum. For a real kiwi twist, aim for only products made in New Zealand, there are some excellent beauty care products made from all-natural ingredients right here in NZ.

9. Cooking Products

Now this one might sound a little cliché, but there are some mums out there who love to cook! This doesn't mean going out and buying a toaster or a pot. You have to think big on this one to make it work! Cooking products could mean things to cook with such as luxury ingredients like spices and rubs, actual things to use in the kitchen such as utensils, gadgets and useful appliances or even things like beautiful platters or trays.

The possibilities really are endless on this one, but you do have to think outside the box! To make it a little easier to narrow down, look out for a nicely packaged gift set or items that go together to make a good gift box, and always think about what would make your Mum happy. After all, it is her day!

10. Essential Oil Diffusers

Want something on-trend? Something you know she won't already have? Something modern and cool? Then an essential oil aromatherapy diffuser is the way to go! These diffusers are currently very popular with people of all ages, and they make the perfect gift for that hard to buy for Mum on Mother's Day.

Complete with aromatherapy benefits, an essential oil diffuser is a must-have accessory for the home, office and even the car. This really is the gift of the therapeutic benefits of essential oils in your Mum's daily life, the enjoyment of the beautiful aromas and the calming and healing effects. Don't forget you will also need to purchase some essential oil to go with this gift or look out for a package deal with oil and diffuser included.

Looking for the perfect gift for your Mum on Mother's Day? Can't decide what to get? Take a look through the great range of beautifully curated gift boxes at Crowe & Co for inspiration and total gifting solutions.

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