10 Marketing Benefits Of Gift Giving

10 Marketing Benefits Of Gift Giving

Gift-giving has always been an important part of the human bonding process. Receiving an unexpected gift promotes feelings of happiness and gratitude while cementing the relationship's bonds, whether personal or professional.

On a corporate level, giving gifts acts as a positive way of strengthening the relationship between your business and its customers – one of the core principles of a good marketing strategy. When choosing the right corporate gifting platform, you can’t go wrong with gift baskets or hampers. The choices for filling them are endless and easily customisable. Read on to find out more about the marketing benefits of corporate gift boxes.  

1. You'll Stand Out From Your Competition

Sending out customised corporate gift boxes creates a unique opportunity for businesses to get creative with packaging, products, and presentation; in a way that is going to make the experience memorable for the receiver. A well-timed gift box can sway a purchase decision both at the time it is received, and in the future, effectively giving you an ongoing edge over your competitors.

2. Improved Perceived Value Of Your Brand

Receiving a gift box is a pleasurable experience, right? When the items are well branded, people are likely to associate this feeling with your business. This means if the gift they have received is of high quality, eco-friendly or traditional for example, these are the things they will connect with your brand. Sending the right message can increase the ongoing benefits of the gift exponentially.

3. Everyday Customers Become Brand Ambassadors

Gift boxes are a great way to cement greater connectivity with your customers. Providing a complimentary assortment of your products or branding product giveaways is not only getting your product out there – it's getting talked about. A satisfied customer will not hesitate in recommending a good product to their friends and family, and we all know the value of word-of-mouth in the marketing world.

4. The Message Of Appreciation Is Well Received

Corporate gift boxes are one of the best ways to show appreciation in the business world. They can be customised, individualised and easily targeted. They send an instant message that needs no explanation, one of gratitude and appreciation. This instantly creates a positive association with your brand.

5. Improved Customer Experience

When your customers are happy, you generate more revenue and everyone is happy! At the end of the day, gift boxes help keep current customers coming back to your brand and even attract new customers. The added thoughtfulness custom gift boxes offer will impress your customers and reinforce the reasons why they chose to do business with you.

6. Better Brand Awareness

A well thought out gift basket is a great way to keep your brand at the forefront of people's minds without annoying them constantly. Including "keep" type products that sit on someone's desk or are useful around the home means they hang around for a bit in people's lives promoting your brand long after the buzz of receiving them has warn off. Building brand awareness is all about engaging with your target market so they will instantly remember and recognise your business when they are in need of your products or services.

7. Its A Low-Cost Advertising Alternative

For many businesses in today's workplace climate, expensive advertising campaigns are simply not affordable. The good news is a well-placed gift box can become a relatively low-cost advertising solution. The key to this clever marketing strategy lies in social media coverage - what do people do these days when something extraordinary happens to them? They take a pic and share it on social media. This kind of advertising is priceless as there is no better recommendation than that from friends and family where trust is well established.

8. Greater Brand Loyalty

Maintaining repeat custom is always one of the primary goals of any business. It is common knowledge that it's much easier to get someone who has already bought from you to buy again rather than to encourage new customers to choose you in the midst of an overly competitive marketplace. Making your customers feel valued is an excellent way to achieve the much sort after benefit of building brand loyalty.

9. Distribution Is Easy

Custom gift boxes are one of the easiest corporate methods of distributing gifts. The nature of the 'box' means the packaging and shipping process is easily managed in-house, or you can choose an online gift box company that will not only source and supply products, packaging, they will organise the shipping for you, handling all of the logistics.

10. Increased Sales

Like any good marketing strategy, the end result of all of the benefits listed above is ideally going to lead to an increase in sales. Everybody wants their business to be profitable, but a lot of businesses underestimate the benefits attached to corporate gifting as an excellent marketing tool.

Corporate Gift-Giving Rules

Now that you understand the benefits of sending out quality gift boxes, there is one more thing you have to master – what to put in them. While many businesses may have some of their own promotional products they wish to include, it is always important to consider the wider message you want to get across. Here are four top tips on how to figure out what to put in your corporate gift boxes.

  • Plan Ahead. Who is the gift for? Corporate gifting is not always just about giving to your best customers; it can be used for prospective customers, employees, contractors, suppliers and other business to business connections. Always make sure the gift is suited to the receiver while remembering to draw attention to your brand.
  • Make An Impact. What is the gift for? Are you saying thank you? Well done? Good job? Be sure to send the right message with the contents of your gift box – you want to impress, not disappoint. This makes your gifts seem more thoughtful, increasing the perceived-value benefits.
  • Practical Is Best. Is the gift useful? Giving the gift of practicality is always going to be a hit. So instead of just sending out boxes with only food items, consider including practical contents that go hand in hand. This could be anything from a reusable coffee cup paired with coffee beans and chocolate, through to a fruitcake paired with a quality knife or serving platter - all displaying your logo, of course! This will ensure your products will be around longer in people’s lives than a purely consumable gift.
  • Brand Image. Does the gift fit with your brand? This one is pretty simple; think about the gift as an extension of your brand, do not send out things like alcohol or sugary treats if your brand is about health and well-being, for example. Always keep the gifts in line with business-wide goals and branding messages.

A good gift box is cost-effective, easily distributed and a unique marketing tool – it allows you to tell your company story from the outside in. Need help with corporate gifting? Contacts Crowe & Co, your gift box specialists; we are happy to help!

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