SleepEase - A Natural Way to get a good 'deep soothing' nights sleep


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This product is by Leescience Essential Oil Treatment.  By Gillian Parkinson a Clinical Aromascience Practitioner (NZQA, IFPA)

Can't sleep?  Would you like something natural to relax you, ease you into a good night's deep sleep? The combination of the Lavender, Roman Chamomile, Bergamot & Sweet Marjoram essential oils in this blend may do it for you. Their properties are sedating & relaxing, so very soothing.

You won't wake feeling heavy headed or drowsy - the effects of the essential oils are gentle yet powerfully relaxing.  This is a very popular blend amongst the ladies & gentlemen!  This particular blend isn't suitable for toddlers & children.

Recommended Use:
Simply pour a small pool into your hand and rub a thin layer on your chest & neck and a swipe under the nose.  Use every night until your regular sleeping pattern returns then 3 -4 times a week as maintenance if required.

Do not use if you are pregnant - see the pregnancy safe blend for you. Negates homoeopathic remedies - fine to use if you have low or high blood pressure, suffer epilepsy or kidney conditions.

Aromatherapy blends have a cumulative effect, the longer you use them, the better they get!