Do you know someone deserving of a thank you and would like to nominate them to receive a special gift box valued at $200?



We truly believe in the power of saying thank you, it reminds us why we should say it more often. There are Humble Heroes all around us who are doing wonderful things for their friends, family and community.  At Crowe & Co, we’re honouring these Humble Heroes by giving you the chance to nominate someone who you feel has gone beyond the call of duty to win a gift box prize.


On the 1st of each month we'll select a winner from the previous month’s nominations. Simply add your name, email and phone number to the form, then in the message box add the name of the person you want to nominate and why you want to nominate them! 

+ Recipient must be in New Zealand.
+ Recipient must aged over 18 years old.
Winner Drawn March 1 2021
Nominated by her mother Nina Ronowicz, congratulations to Dani.
Winner Drawn April 1 2021
Toni Cross for her best friend Sally French.
Winner Drawn May 1 2021
Ryan Johnson for his wife Jay