So Sweet


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So Sweet
So Sweet

Gift Box includes:

1 x Source Gin - 47ml bottle

1 x Fever Tree Tonic

1 x Seriously Good Rocky Road Chocolate log

1 x Becca Project Solid Balm - Either Dreamer or Stellar scent - depends on stock.

Dreamer scent 

Lavender Maillette, Roman Chamomile, Sweet Orange, Petitgrain and Sandalwood

Calm the farm and chill with this soothing fusion of lavender, chamomile and sandalwood. The addition of sweet orange and calming petitgrain make Dreamer the perfect way to soothe your nervous system and ready yourself for slumber.

Stellar scent

Ylang Ylang, Sweet Orange, White Grapefruit, Patchouli

​​​​​​​Say goodbye to stress and anxiety with this relaxing blend of ylang ylang, sweet orange and white grapefruit. You’ll lap up the aphrodisiac qualities of patchouli and the light pink peony scent as Stellar brightens your heart and soul.

Apply to pulse points throughout the day. Unlike synthetic perfumes, our Becca balms will not fill the room with scent, but are more intimate and charming. You are the one who will reap the benefits of our essential oil balms, not the room!


Each gift comes with a handwritten gift card.

GST included.

So Sweet
So Sweet