Poten-C Liposomal


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750ml bottle 

Getting your daily does of vitamin c doesn't have to be difficult or a chore.
Boost your immunity with Poten-C, made to integrate seamlessly with your day.
Discover the benefits of lipsomal vitamin c with a significantly higher absorption rate than standard vitamin c supplements and a huge range of health benefits.
100% natural - sugar free - vegan friendly
Poten-C Liposomal is a Powerful antioxidant for optimal wellness. 8000mg per 100mls of Vitamin C. It’s produced in NZ.

Poten-C is unique because it uses liposomes to protect the active nutrients during digestion. This means more Vitamin C is absorbed with the nutrients still intact and ready to go to work.

Poten-C is a powerful anti-oxidant, boosting your immunity, fighting inflammation, supporting collagen production and wound healing whilst reducing heart disease, improving iron absorption, lowering your risk of gout and supporting overall health and brain function. There is no substitute.

Paul's story: Read about Paul at www.poten-c.com He's a kiwi cancer fighter/survivor.  He has been on a mission to fight back and along the way has discovered  how to produce high dose liposomal vitamin C.  He has a passion and determination to share its benefits at an affordable price with everyone.