Chocolate Chia Pudding Mix


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Vegan Pantry Staple - Chocolate Chia Pudding Mix - JAR

  • -  2 serves

  • -  Glass Jar (exact serving size)

  • -  Just add milk

Ingredients: Organic Black Chia Seeds, Bennetto Organic Dark Chocolate, Erythritol, Stevia  Non-GMO 

Chia pudding is a delicious option for anyone looking for a healthy, nutritious and filling breakfast. It is made by mixing Chia Seeds with flavours add milk then chill. The Chia Seeds will swell and create a creamy amazing textured pudding. It can be eaten for breakfast, a snack or as a dessert. 

Chia Seeds are amazing little things which are high fibre, protein, omegas and antioxidants.