Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For 2022

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For 2022

Valentine's Day is the day of love, but it doesn't just have to be all about your special someone. February 14th is the perfect time to show friends, parents, colleagues and even clients that you appreciate them and their place in your life.

Not sure where to begin when choosing Valentine’s Day gifts? Take a look at our comprehensive gift giving guide below.

8 Top Tips For Choosing A Valentines Day Gift

Choosing the right gift for your significant other, family member or friend can be a bit of a minefield when Valentine’s Day rolls around. Too much and it can come across as over the top, too little and you can expect some dissatisfaction (and the associated cold shoulder!). Check out our top tips below to help keep you on the right track.

  1. Give It Some Thought. Take the time to pick out a gift that suits the recipient, it will make people feel appreciated. Consider who they are and what they love to do.
  2. Look To The Past. Whether it’s a special mug, candle, pillow, or even a pen, a commemorative item of significance is a great way of memorialising a special moment from the past. A trip down memory lane is a seemingly simple gift, but it can be fun to add a touch of nostalgia.
  3. Customise Or Personalise It. Name it, date it, add initials or even a photograph, making it personal shows forethought and consideration. This one works for friends, family and workplace circumstances too.
  4. Add Some Humour. Laughter is the best gift to give on any day of the year. While sentimental gifts are an obvious choice for Valentine's Day, funny gifts can also be a hit. This may be as simple as a humorous card, prank gift or insider antics.
  5. Consider Needs Vs Wants. While it can be incredibly satisfying to get someone something they have always wanted, sometimes sticking with something they need can be just as welcome. This doesn’t mean buying a tea towels or pots, instead think of things that can brighten someone’s day.
  6. Create Memorable Experiences. For some people giving the gift of fun and exciting experiences might be a better option than giving a material item. In fact, many people value experiences much more, particularly if the giver is also involved. Create a fun experience together such as attending a local event, skydiving, fine dining, or even dance lessons.
  7. Give The Unexpected. Don't be tempted to give the same gift every year. A person anticipating what you will give greatly lessens the impact. Do your research and give the gift of surprise!
  8. Read The Room. Always take the stage and classification of the relationship into account when giving Valentine’s Day presents. Giving a friend or colleague something special is great but you don't want to confuse the situation with something too romantic, or on the flipside of that, giving your significant other something that is not romantic enough!

What Can Be Gifted On Valentine's Day?

While Valentine's gifting guides often include plenty of suitable options for the love of your life, it can be challenging to find gifts for anyone else on your Valentine's Day shopping list. Some of the traditional options such as chocolates, flowers and gift boxes are always good options and apply to all gifting situations.

Or you can get a little more adventurous with your gifts and explore a range of ideas from restaurant vouchers to bungy jumping! Looking for some inspiration for your Valentine’s Day gifts? Check out our guide to the best gifts for Valentine’s Day below.

4 Classic Valentine’s Gifts

You can't beat the good old classics, sticking with tried and true gift ideas will keep everyone happy. Let's check out some of the best classic Valentine's Day gift ideas below.

  • Chocolates. Always appreciated on any level, but given in a heart shaped box - all the better.
  • Roses. The perfect choice for many people, a beautiful bouquet of roses is always appreciated, easily sourced and the message of love is obvious. 
  • Soft Toys. Cute and cuddly - how could you go wrong.
  • Valentine’s Day Gift Box. What's better than chocolates, roses and soft toys? A gift box containing all three of these items! A carefully curated Valentine’s Day gift box is perfect for any and all recipients and it is always well received.

Top 5 Valentines Gifts For Your Girlfriend

How do you make your valentine feel special? Girlfriends and wives can be a little challenging to buy for even if you've know each other for ages. Personalisation is the key here. Tailor your gift to suit the recipient’s preferences and desires and you can't go wrong. Impress your girl with these great Valentine’s gift ideas.

  1. Chocolate. Her favourite or something extra special, boutique or handcrafted is good.
  2. Bouquet Of Roses. Or a single rose - sometimes less is more! If roses aren’t her thing then pick out a bunch of her favourite flowers.
  3. Customised Gift Box. Gift boxes filled with pampering products, skincare, beauty products, soaps etc.
  4. Jewelry. Maybe something she has dropped a few hints about recently or just a beautiful piece that you think she would like for sentimental reasons, or a customised piece with her initials.
  5. Handcrafted Gifts. Whether it's a knitted scarf, collage of photographs or just some artwork, handcrafted gifts that are made with the recipient in mind will always be received with love.

Top 5 Valentines Gifts For Your Boyfriend

Searching for the perfect Valentine's Day gift for your husband or boyfriend, impress your guy with these great gift ideas.

  1. Wine Or Whisky Glasses. If your man is a bit of a connoisseur, a nice set of glasses and an equally nice bottle of wine or spirits will do the trick!
  2. Coffee Mug. Does your man love his morning coffee? A coffee themed gift set is a great way to indulge in his love of coffee. Add in some coffee beans, or specialty ground coffee and you have the perfect gift.
  3. Personalised Tech. Think Bluetooth speakers, LED candles, USB drives, phone chargers, gizmo’s, gadgets, and pretty much anything that lights up!
  4. Cake! Everybody loves cake right? Bake one yourself for that personal touch or grab something from the shop - there are always plenty of options as Valentine's Day nears. Opt for a personal message or photograph of the two of you to push it to the next level.
  5. A Watch. Have a slightly bigger budget - think about getting your man a decent watch. This could mean something like a smartwatch from Apple, Garmin or Samsung. Or something a little more traditional.

3 Good Valentine’s Day Gifts For Colleagues 

Valentine's Day gifts for workmates and colleagues don't need any of the lovey dovey stuff you would normally rely on for Valentine's Day. However, the classics such as chocolates and flowers still apply. Here are some other great ideas: 

  1. Office Themed Products. Anything you can use around the office is good. Think mugs, stationery, pens and diaries or calendars.
  2. Pot Plants. Giving a green gift can brighten up the office, help keep the air clean and if it’s a flowering pot it can double as a bouquet of flowers!
  3. Gadgets. Fun gadgets, gimmicks or gizmos can be a great way to inject a little humour into the gift giving process - and give you something to talk about over the afternoon coffee break. 

3 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Friends And Family

Showing friends and family you care is not just a once a year activity but Valentine’s Day does give you an excuse to do something nice for your loved ones. Stuck for ideas - take a look below at our top three Valentine’s Day gifts for family and friends.

  1. Photos. Whether presented old-school in a frame, some kind of digital media or printed onto a canvas, mug, pillow slip, tee shirt or blanket, photos are one of the best gifts for friends and family.
  2. Flowers. Whether you choose to go with a traditional bouquet, potted plant or something more personalised toward the recipient, flowers are always a great way to brighten someone’s day and make them feel appreciated.
  3. PJ’s. An oldie but a goodie, getting a friend or family member a set of comfy pyjamas is a lovely gift idea no matter what age they are.

Most Popular Valentines Gifts For 2022

Thinking of mixing it up a little? Want to try something new? Let’s find out what’s trending for Valentine’s Day 2022.

  • Flowers. Unsurprisingly, roses are at the top of the list for Valentine's Day's most popular gifts. Their heavenly aroma and beauty has long been associated with romance and passion. While red roses are a common choice, they aren't the only option, there are over 150 varieties of roses to choose from so there’s bound to be an option that would suit your valentine perfectly. Or if it’s a less romantic, more appreciative sentiment you are after other flowers such as tulips, carnations, daisies, and lilies are great choices.
  • Wellness Gifts. What better way to show you care than with the gift of health and wellness! Healthy living is a continually growing trend in gifting for all occasions, with everything from fitness trackers, nutritional supplements and skin care, to wellness retreats and spa days making the list. For some it can be as simple as a pamper pack with relaxing bath salts, essential oils and soaps or for others the latest in high tech fitness monitoring devices - the choices are endless!
  • NZ Made. Supporting New Zealand made products is always a good gifting option no matter who the recipient is or where they are from. Locally sourced, with a low carbon footprint, unique to New Zealand or NZ made items show you care in an eco-conscious way. Think NZ Honey, traditional Maori souvenirs, rugby paraphernalia, local arts and crafts etc.
  • Food Gifts. An oldie but a goodie, food gifts are a universal way to show your appreciation. Whether you choose to take the traditional route with a beautiful box of chocolates, or spend some time picking out a selection of the recipient's favourite foods. Gift boxes packed with yummy treats are always going to be a hit with friends, family, workmates, clients and partners alike.
  • Valentine’s Day Gift Boxes. One of the best gift ideas for Valentine’s Day whether it's for clients, colleagues, family and friends, a gift box is always well received. Gift boxes can be easily personalised, and customised to suit. You can choose a theme such as gardening, sports, alcohol and much more!

Being appreciated is one of the things that best motivates all of us — both at work and in our daily life. A little goes a long way! Crowe and Co, the specialists in gifting, would like to wish you and your loved ones a very happy Valentine’s Day!

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