5 Christmas Gift Box Ideas For 2021

5 Christmas Gift Box Ideas For 2021

With Christmas shaping up to be a little different than usual this year, large traditional kiwi get-togethers and Christmas work do's may be unlikely to feature in the festive season. However, gift boxes can be a great way to send your love, appreciation and a message of support if you are unable to be there in person, and are especially useful as a replacement option for Christmas work gatherings for staff and colleagues.

What kind of gift boxes should you send? There are a number of different themes, types and styles of gift boxes out there, and you always have the option of building your own. Take a look below for the most popular types of gift boxes for Christmas this year.

1. Eco-Friendly Gift Boxes

Reducing waste and carbon footprint is at the top of many people's agendas these days, and gift boxes are a great way to reinforce this message personally and professionally. Choosing locally made New Zealand products are a great place to start – look out for eco-friendly recyclable items such as wooden chopping boards made from recycled timber, NZ jams and honey, NZ wine and beverages etc. By buying local, you are significantly reducing the carbon footprint of the items just by reducing the number of miles they have travelled to get to your door.

Stay away from any plastics or items that are unable to be recycled. Instead, think reusable, recyclable, naturally occurring products that have a valuable purpose for everyday life. Reusable drink bottles or keep cups are a great place to start, as they can also be branded with the company logo.

2. Wine And Alcohol Gift Boxes

Making alcohol the feature of your gift box is a great idea for the festive season. This is because alcohol is usually always appreciated, especially when celebrating with friends and family. Look out for NZ made wine for a touch of kiwiana, boutique spirits for the connoisseur, or champagne to really celebrate!

If alcohol doesn't quite fit the situation, how about alcohol-themed chocolates? Or rum balls? Or other alcohol-themed products such as the addition of wine glasses to complete the picture? For those who prefer a non-alcoholic drink, it is easy to substitute non-alcoholic options, such as sparkling grape juice or kombucha. Be sure to select appropriate packaging for this one if they need to be sent through the postal services.

3. Themed Gift Boxes

Whether it be for the gardener of the family, the tech head, avid movie buff or the person who loves golf - there is a themed gift box for everyone. The key here is to tailor your products to match the theme; for example, for gardeners, you could include hand tools, soap, hand cream, seeds and more! Or for the BBQ buff, try BBQ sauces or marinades, handy BBQ tools, cooler bags or an apron.

Christmas themed gift boxes are an obvious choice for this time of year – think tinsel, Christmas tree decorations, specialty chocolates and wine – and don't forget the Christmas cake! The advantage of themed gift boxes is that they show some thought has gone into the gift to make it more individual. Greater personalisation equals greater appreciation!

4. Wellness Gift Boxes

A very appropriate choice for this year - the gift of wellbeing is universal! This one is great for the mum who is feeling like a bit of pampering, perfect for the Dad who is in need of some R & R, a great choice for Grandma or Grandad, and even for the younger ones who could use a little something to brighten up their day.

For wellness gift boxes, you want to think luxury pamper products that the person wouldn't usually splurge on for themselves. So this might include; handmade soaps and creams, bath bombs, candles, boutique chocolates, gourmet food items, hand sanitiser, quality linen, journals or stationery, personal accessories, tech items, personal grooming, fitness items and more!

5. Gourmet Food Gift Boxes

With so much amazing local food, wine, and produce on offer in New Zealand, this one is a bit of a no brainer. Choose a box with local wine, honey, chocolate, crackers and cheeses, cookies, jams and preserves, and don't forget the good old Christmas cake, of course! The traditional kiwi Christmas cake makes a good feature product for any gift box - just make sure you buy NZ made.

Some other good ideas are snack foods and dips, coffee or tea, biscuits, superfoods, nuts, olives and preserves, and sweets. All of these items can be combined with various accessories such as mugs, cups, glasses, tea towels, boards, cutlery, cookbooks and Christmas items etc. - the choice is yours!

Corporate Gift Wrapping Services

While putting together your own gift boxes is great, when the number grows beyond 3 or 4 boxes, it can be a good idea to leave it to the professionals. All good gift box services will include quality corporate gift wrapping and presentation. They should be able to advise you on the best size and style of gift box, gift bag or quality gift wrapping to suit your selection of gifts. 

While offering ease of transportation and suitable packaging is a must – gift boxes also portray a professional image that represents your business. Look out for gift box suppliers who provide corporate gifting services including customisable packaging, the addition of cards and ribbons and also corporate branding options if needed.

Corporate Branding

Yes, it's Christmas, but that doesn't mean discreet branding of your corporate gifting is out of the question. In fact, it can be a great way to get your brand out there, but be careful not to go overboard – it's the time of year for giving and being thankful, you want to apply your logo in a subtle way.

Company branding options such as internal packaging (tissue paper), ribbon, cards and sometimes even engraving are the perfect way to apply your brand to Christmas gift boxes without coming across as pushy or overbearing. Showcasing your business with branded gift boxes at a time when good cheer and holiday vibes are at their highest for the year means these good vibes will be associated with your business and its favourable generosity.

 Getting your Christmas shopping sorted early is even more important than usual for 2021. With postage delays and supply issues at play, it's time to get your gift boxes sorted for Christmas now. Take a look at the festive gift boxes from Crowe and Co for some inspiration, and get your orders in today!

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